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Our smoked fish tastes the best because we hand smoke it using wood from our apple orchard. It’s that simple.

Woodbridge Smokehouse - view through orchard

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Situated on the verdant south-east coast of Tasmania, Woodbridge Smokehouse is set in our own 25 acre organic apple orchard. Traditional hand-smoking processes using our own fruit tree wood create the delicate and distinctive flavours for which Woodbridge Smokehouse is renowned.

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Woodbridge Smokehouse - view of the fire in the smoke house

About us

Developed to meet the demands of discerning connoisseurs, Woodbridge Smokehouse produces some of the finest smoked seafood anywhere in the world. Traditionally-smoked Ocean Trout and Atlantic Salmon — so delicate they practically melt on your tongue. Subtle tastes that delight your tastebuds. Silken textures to enchant your spirit. At Woodbridge Smokehouse, we choose only the finest produce from the pristine waters of Tasmania’s coast.

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Order online using our beautifully easy system and have Australia’s finest smoked ocean trout and salmon delivered in peak condition to your door.

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The Southern Ocean produces the finest fish, from which we make the finest smoked products. It’s that simple.